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Is the subject of Emma only marriage and matchmaking?

She has published books and articles on Jane Austen, D. Lawrence, Margaret Drabble, and Margaret Laurence. She is publishing Divining Margaret Laurence:

Emma by Jane Austen Setting Emma took place in small town she finally stops matchmaking others and Emma by Jane Austen Essay – About the Author Emma: Theme Analysis, In between are more marriages and attempts at matchmaking.

Harriet is the illegitimate daughter of an unknown someone—the identity of her father is revealed later. He had placed her, years back, at Mrs. Meeting Emma Edit Mrs. Goddard wanted to bring her to Hartfield estate for tea with Henry Woodhouse and his younger daughter, Emma. This was welcome, as Emma had always wanted to meet Harriet because of her beauty. Her concerns were soon put to rest by how genial Emma was, and Harriet was especially happy that Miss Woodhouse had shaken hands with her.

Emma continued to invite Harriet to Hartfield, and thus succeeded in finding a new good friend to help her get over Mrs. Emma was dismayed to discover that Harriet had developed feelings for Robert Martin , a farmer who lived near Donwell Abbey , as she thought the match and relation generally unsuitable. Elton Edit Emma attempted to move Harriet’s interests towards Mr.

Elton , the local vicar. Harriet sat for a portrait by Emma, and Mr. Elton enthusiastically helped with the task, even volunteering to go immediately to London to have the portrait framed.

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Characters[ change change source ] Emma Woodhouse – the second daughter of Mr. Jane Austen introduces Emma as “handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition,” and has had ” However, Emma can also be proud and vain , like when she stops Harriet from marrying Robert Martin.

Social status is clearly one of the main themes in Jane Austen’s Emma and was usually defined in reference to a family name and a long line of wealth. Emma is ruled by her place in society and restricted to certain social standards that include everything from conduct to clothing and social events.

The novel begins with Emma and her father talking about the marriage of Miss Taylor to Mr. Weston, and ends with the marriages of Harriet and Mr. Martin, Emma and Mr. Knightley and Jane and Mr. In between are more marriages and attempts at matchmaking. Emma believes that she made the match between Miss Taylor and Mr. Weston, and so she sets out to make other matches, none of which work. She tries to form a relationship between Harriet and Mr.

Elton, but this backfires when Mr. Elton proposes to her instead. When he says that he would never be interested in Harriet and marries another woman, Emma thinks that Frank Churchill is the right man for Harriet, but Harriet has her mind set on Mr. Harriet ends up marrying Mr. Martin, whom Emma had encouraged her against in the beginning.

Emma believes that Frank Churchill is in love with her and attempts to switch his love from her to Harriet, but in the end it is revealed that he has in fact been engaged to Jane the whole time.

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I developed a love of Jane Austen’s novels while living in Hampshire, not very far from where she grew up. After reading her six best-known works, I was inspired to design a game that captured the subtle machinations of Regency-era romance. Matchmaker was released last year in its classic format with silhouettes representing the characters. It had always been my intention to create a fully-illustrated edition which would be both an enjoyable card game and an attractive collectable item for Jane Austen fans.

Those in arranged marriages – or who have had their partner chosen for them by a parent or matchmaker – tend to feel more in love as time grows.

After self-declared success at matchmaking between her governess and Mr. Weston, a village widower, Emma takes it upon herself to find an eligible match for her new friend, Harriet Smith. Elton, the village vicar. Meanwhile, Emma persuades Harriet to reject the proposal of Robert Martin, a well-to-do farmer for whom Harriet clearly has feelings. Harriet becomes infatuated with Mr. Emma realizes that her obsession with making a match for Harriet has blinded her to the true nature of the situation.

He believes that Mr. Martin is a worthy young man whom Harriet would be lucky to marry. Knightley proves to be the wiser of the pair. Elton, spurned by Emma and offended by her insinuation that Harriet is his equal, leaves for the town of Bath and marries a girl there almost immediately. Emma is left to comfort Harriet and to wonder about the character of a new visitor expected in Highbury—Mr. Frank is set to visit his father in Highbury after having been raised by his aunt and uncle in London, who have taken him as their heir.

Knightley is immediately suspicious of the young man, especially after Frank rushes back to London merely to have his hair cut. Emma, however, finds Frank delightful and notices that his charms are directed mainly toward her.

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By adapting the genteel, idyllic country society of Highbury to the upper- fast-paced microcosm of modern Beverley Hills, insight is given into the realignment of social values and attitudes towards class, marriage and gender roles over the past two centuries. A variety of literary and visual techniques demonstrates that while some aspects of society have been changed, others have stayed the same.

An aspect of society that is transformed and reflected in both Emma and Clueless is the rigidity of class and clique structures. Elton conveys similar class consciousness in his rhetorical questions towards Cher:

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Emma Chapter 8 Harriet slept at Hartfield that night. For some weeks past she had been spending more than half her time there, and gradually getting to have a bed-room appropriated to herself; and Emma judged it best in every respect, safest and kindest, to keep her with them as much as possible just at present.

She was obliged to go the next morning for an hour or two to Mrs. Goddard’s, but it was then to be settled that she should return to Hartfield, to make a regular visit of some days. While she was gone, Mr. Knightley called, and sat some time with Mr. Woodhouse and Emma, till Mr. Woodhouse, who had previously made up his mind to walk out, was persuaded by his daughter not to defer it, and was induced by the entreaties of both, though against the scruples of his own civility, to leave Mr.

Knightley for that purpose. Knightley, who had nothing of ceremony about him, was offering by his short, decided answers, an amusing contrast to the protracted apologies and civil hesitations of the other. Knightley, if you will not consider me as doing a very rude thing, I shall take Emma’s advice and go out for a quarter of an hour. As the sun is out, I believe I had better take my three turns while I can. I treat you without ceremony, Mr. We invalids think we are privileged people.


Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition, seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; and had lived nearly twentyone years in the world with very little to distress or vex her. She was the youngest of the two daughters of a most affectionate, indulgent father; and had, in consequence of her sister’s marriage, been mistress of his house from a very early period. Her mother had died too long ago for her to have more than an indistinct remembrance of her caresses; and her place had been supplied by an excellent woman as governess, who had fallen little short of a mother in affection.

Sixteen years had Miss Taylor been in Mr.

Emma Brown by Clare Boylan pp, Little, Brown, £ One evening in November , the newly married Charlotte Brontë was sitting with her husband by the fire, when it occurred to her that.

Page 4 of 4 Discussion Questions 1. Describe the class and rank of various characters in the village of Highbury. Compare the positions of Mr. How do matters of class affect the interaction of these characters, and would you describe class as being rigid or flexible as it is depicted by Jane Austen? To what extent can class be said to be of central importance to the development of the novel, since it is one of the most important considerations in marriage?

Does class seem to be treated differently by those in Highbury than it does by outsiders, for example Frank Churchill and Mrs. Do you think it is significant that no woman in Highbury is of Emma’s age and rank? How does the relationship between Mr.

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Will Emma succeed in making the match? Elton, the village vicar. Harriet receives an offer of marriage from Robert Martin, a prosperous farmer, but Emma persuades Harriet to turn him down and pursue Mr. Knightley, the wealthy owner of Donwell Abbey and a trusted family friend, believes Robert and Harriet would have made a fine match and is furious at Emma for her meddling.

Elton professes his love for—Emma! Later, Harriet is saved from a swarm of gypsy beggars by Frank Churchill, a new face in the village of Highbury.

Emma is a book by Jane was first published in the year Jane Austen readers with the idea of a “heroine whom no one but myself will much like” when she began writing is a comedy about Emma Woodhouse, a rich young lady growing up in the fictional community of Hartfield, in 19th century England. The book is about the troubles Emma causes when she tries matchmaking.

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